What Scrupulous Activities To Avoid When Protecting Your WoW Accounts

World of Warcraft, having 11.5 million active WoW Accounts, has cemented its legacy as one of the most popular MMORPGs of this decade (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). It is a game that takes players into a fantasy world where they can participate in quests to earn fame and fortune, or just be as bad as they want to be. The game’s concept is so unique and immersive, many players who invest a lot of money and time on this experience consider this their second life. This inspires a lot of hackers and scammers to invest their time and skills to steal WoW Accounts from those who are easily swayed. Here are some of the common scams you should be careful of:

1) The “Fake” Beta test

World of Warcraft is constantly evolving. Blizzard Entertainment put a lot of thought into this game. To keep WoW Accounts active, the game designers create expansion packs to add more content. The announcement of new content signals cyber criminals to send e-mails that look like they were made by the developers themselves. The email contains an invitation to join a beta test for the new content. It would have a link to a 3rd party website that will ask for the victim’s WoW Account details to sign up for the beta test. If the player is not aware of this scam, he will end up saying goodbye to his investment since he just gave his important details away.

2) Game enhancer programs

Players need to spend a lot of time and money playing the game using their WoW Accounts, but there are those who can only play for a short time because of work, school or other responsibilities. The bad guys thought about this, and advertised programs that automatically earn gold or experience for them while you tend to other things. It will let the victim download and install the software for free. While the cheat pretends to work it’s magic on your WoW Account, it will steal a lot of information from the computer, such as logins, passwords and Web history. It will send all these to hackers, scammers and e-mail spammers. As a token of appreciation, the victim’s computer may also be infected with a virus. Not only were the WoW accounts compromised, but the computer was compromised as well!

3) Your password please...

Imagine this scenario: you participate in forums about World of Warcraft. One of the people in the forum claims he is an employee of Blizzard and announces that they need to audit your WoW Accounts to make sure they are authentic. You are asked to give your account details, and you readily give them in fear that your WoW Accounts would be banned. You run the game, then find out your username or password has been changed. You try to change the details back, but you are unable to access your account management area. The last resort is reporting the incident to the game developers to at least have the account banned. They will inform you that they will never ask for your WoW Accounts details. Lesson learned, even if it was learned the hard way.

These are some of the methods that hackers and scammers use to mess up the virtual lives of players who just want to have fun with their WoW Accounts. Have fun in the game, but stay safe too!